We commissioned Bryan to DP a package of four industrial videos. We found him to be highly dependable and excellent about communication.
He delivered outstanding footage and a high level of finesse to the finished work. He is the top of our shortlist of vendors and exceeds expectations.
— SVAD Productions
I’ve worked with Bryan off and on for many years and it is always a pleasure. He is very easy to work with, professional, and very skilled.
He has a great eye for framing and is probably the most skilled operator that I’ve worked with.
When I work with him I know it’s one less thing to have to worry about. I know he’s got his stuff under control .
— David George : Director of Photography
Bryan Fowler is one of the hardest working, most level-headed collaborators I’ve been in the trenches with.
He know his stuff, both creatively and technically; plus, he is a genuine team player and a positive influence in even the most stressful of situations.”
— Rik Swartzwelder: Feature Director / Writer
Bryan is a pleasure to work with. He has both the technical understanding and creative ideas that lead to great end results.
He is proactive when approaching each project with us, and always makes sure to come to set prepared.
We definitely recommend Bryan and his work.
— Bonesteel Films, Inc
It was a real pleasure to have Bryan on our film crew. His work ethic and technical skills are some
of the strongest I’ve observed.
His creative input enabled our DP and Director to capture a number of difficult shots due to his agility & creativity. Under pressure… Bryan demonstrated more
than once that he is a team player.
His stability comes through more than his steadicam equipment; it is in his character. He is a true professional.
— Jeffrey E. Cordone : independent film producer
I am always a little surprised and very impressed by Bryan’s agility! Especially under load. He’s a diesel monkey for sure
— Tad Howard : Key Grip
Bryan is an outstanding Stedicam operator. It was his skill that made it possible for us to create 3 television commercials for Coosa Christian School. Bryan made it look easy. He accomplished two of the commercials in one take. Great job, Bryan.”
— Ralph E. Carrells : Director