ARRI Amira


Having reliable, comfortable and top quality gear is great. It helps any creative person minimize the clutter they are worrying about, and concentrate on more important things.

We have purchased an Arri Amira for that very reason. Arri's reputation and quality of image is unquestionable. While there seems to be new cameras coming out every day from all kinds of manufacturers, we are excited to have the Amira join the crew at Fowler Films

Our Amira is set up to take PL or EF mount lenses (and able to switch in the field in less time than it takes for the Director to get fresh coffee) and shoot ProRes 4444, and up to 2k at 200fps. And, it's got the same sensor as the ALEXA. So your post workflow will be as smooth as Bryan's head.

Send us a message now to schedule your shoot with the Amira.