Documentary-Style Camera

ARRI ALEXA IMAGE SENSOR           —           Up to 4k Resolution

14+ STOPS OF DYNAMIC RANGE           —          200FPS SLO-MO

OLED Evf with built in flip out monitor

OLED Evf with built in flip out monitor

Built in Bluetooth and Wifi for controlling camera, and monitoring audio. 

Built in Bluetooth and Wifi for controlling camera, and monitoring audio. 


Body battery & VF

200 fps

Full res, full sensor


3 Built in NDs

90sec sizzle reel for Ironman Chattanooga - SVAD Productions

Ironman Chattanooga was a unique challenge to shoot. We had 9 cameras, and the Amira was the leader of the pack shooting from 48-200 fps the entire day. I was using long lensing (70-400mm) to pick up the emption and action of the competitors. The built in ND was invaluable when changing condition meant quick exposure changes. (not all the footage above is from the Amira, but I bet you can pick it out) 

30sec commercial for Sugarlands Distilling Company - {f/t} the frame theory

We used Amira for the Sugarlands Distilling Company. We had two days to shoot the spot, and multiple locations. Sometimes we were in caves, hopping on trucks, and moving back and forth from dolly to handheld.  Amira worked great. Even in the low light of a campfire it produced a great image. 

Amira Pricing

Minimum Kit

If you have lenses, batteries and support, start here. 

• 4x 120gb cards
• 2x 60gb cards
• Amira Premium body
• case
• PL & EF mount
(You can always add items if you need)


Starts at $900/day


Full Kit

You get everything in the Standard kit, plus... 

• Canon CE Cinema Zoom, 30-105mm T2.9 PL (OPTION 1)
Leica R lens kit* EF (OPTION 2)

• Teradek Bolt Wireless HD / 2x RX
• Small HD OLED DP7 Handheld monitor (wireless)
• Bright Tangerine VIV mattebox with swing away
• Oconnor 1030s Head and 35L carbon sticks
• 10x Anton Bauer batteries and 4 bank fast charger
• Shape handles with ARRI rosette. 
• On camera TV Logic monitor (OPTIONAL)

Starts at $1,600/day

(Because of the ever changing market, it's always smart to call and tell me about your project. Pricing might have changed.)

*Leica R Lenses
19mm F2.8
• 24mm F2.8
• 35mm F2
• 50mm F1.4
• 90mm F2
• 135mm F2.8
• 180mm F2.8

Screenshot 2014-11-07 10.34.45.png
Screenshot 2014-11-07 10.35.40.png

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